About us

General info on UCHA Co-op

BUILDINGS: The Co-op currently owns three buildings in the residential area of Westwood. In 1991, we completed a renovation of Robison Hall. Robison was designed by the Bauhaus architect Richard Neutra, and has been designated a cultural landmark by the city of Los Angeles. The renovation restored Robison to its original splendor, and the building remains one of the finest living spaces in Westwood. A second building, Essene Hall, was renovated around 1993.

GOVERNMENT: Once you become a Co-op member, you'll have full voting privileges on membership matters. The Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of students who are elected by the general membership. The Board, along with the Executive Director and staff members (non-student caree personell), help make policy decisions and plan for the Co-op's long-term financial health. The membership Committee (Mem-Com) is another elected body at UCHA. Mem-com oversees the procedural aspects of the cooperative such as membership status, member-related issues, elections, and parking. After residing at the Co-op for just one year you can serve on either of these elected bodies. There is a sense of pride here at the Co-op because not only do we own the place we live in, we also share in the responsibility of running it.

CO-OP LIVING: The Co-op hires limited full-time staff to help facilitate the day-to-day operation of the organization. Every resident is responsible for performing one four-hour chore shift per week. The types of chore shifts available include: Facilities, kitchen, office, mail sorting, gardening, computer room, social events etc. As with your room selection and different aspects of the organization, Co-op residents have a say as to which chore shift they would like to become involved in. All chore shifts are arranged so that they do not conflict with classes or outside employment, and members are welcome to reschedule as necessary. With each student performing a four-hour weekly chore shift, the Co-op is able to keep costs low and provide one of the best and cheapest options in housing, in Westwood.

ACTIVITIES AND SOCIAL LIFE: The Co-op provides a variety of educational and social opportunities for its members. With an excellent mix of undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars and UCLA faculty, the Co-op continues to benefit from its cultural and educational diversity. You might receive help on a physics practice problem from a visiting scholar from Beijing, or perhaps practice your Italian with an exchange student from Milan. At the Co-op you don't have to travel far to find a world of opportunity around you.

FACILITIES: The Co-op has a variety of facilities available for the use of its members. A study lounge, laundry rooms, piano, and ping-pong tables are all available. In addition, UCLA's Sunset Recreation Center, with tennis courts, an Olympic size swimming pool and sauna, is only three blocks away. Even closer is the UCLA John Wooden Center which houses racquet ball and squash courts, a weight training room and indoor basket- ball courts.

MEALS: The Co-op provides nineteen meals-per-week, which are included in your room and board (i.e. rent) payment: breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. The Co-op realizes that busy student schedules may not correspond to fixed meal times, so you can arrange for a late dinner if you'll arrive later in the evening after regular dinner hours. Our full-time professional cooks prepare food with student assistance. We offer a vegetarian meal option with each meal, and often host international dinners throughout the year. Also, snacks are provided during finals week for those late night study munchies.

ROOMS: Accommodation includes double rooms, triples, suites, and singles. Unlike students at the UCLA residence halls, Co-op members choose their room and room-mates. Once you've moved into a room through the official "bump" process you may remain in that room until you decide to apply for another. Also the Co-op allows continuing students to stay in their rooms over break periods (Christmas and Spring). All rooms are furnished. At the Co-op, it's your room, and we want you to feel comfortable in it.

THE CO-OP STORE: The Co-op store is a unique service to the UCHA membership. The store sells hot and cold food items, sodas, and a variety of study-break snacks. Members manage and help out in the store as part of their regular Co-op chore shift. Prices are set as near as possible to the actual cost, and the store is open in the evenings and on weekends.

LOCATION: The Co-op is located just two blocks west of the UCLA campus and within walking distance from Westwood Village. Westwood is one of LA's prime gathering spots with restaurants, shops and first-run movie theaters.